Demo Content Elementor

The elementor demos importing process differs from the WBbakey ones as the Elementor plugin has its importing tool you will need to use. Navigate to \themeforest-11776839-ronneby-highperformance-wordpress-theme\Mainfiles\import\your demo (folder name is

Demo Content

The Ronneby theme includes the demo content. You may install it and customize it in accordance with your needs. It will facilitate the website creation process and help you to understand

Getting Started

Theme requirements Check the recommended server configuration for proper theme functioning: PHP version 5.6 and higher memory_limit – 128M max_execution_time – 120 max_input_time – 60 upload_max_filesize – 40M max_input_vars –


Welcome to Ronneby Theme High-Performance WordPress Theme by DFDevelopment. We would like to say thank you for choosing Ronneby theme. In this extended documentation, you will find everything you need to