Header syle 13 options

Minimalist side header with primary navigation appearing on click on menu button

Customizable transparent header style with hamburger menu icon, Primary Navigation menu and social icons sliding horizontally on click.

Follow this ink to check the page with header style 13.

  • Header animation – switch it to Enable if you want to have the header animation on scroll (the main header will hide on scroll).
  • Primary navigation alignment – set the horizontal alignment for the primary navigation. Leftright and center positions are available.
  • Header buttons and links – set it to Enable to display the WooCommerce cart icon, language switcher, search icon and side area icons in the header.
  • Search form in header – switch it to Enable to display search form in the header.
  • Header background color – select the background color for the header main section.
  • Header text color – set the text color for the elements set in the header.
  • Header background opacity – set the opacity for the header background, where 0 – is transparent and 100 – opaque.
  • Header background image – set the background image for the header.
  • Header background image position – set the background image position in the header.
  • Header text color – set the text color for the elements set in the header.
  • Center align stunning header title from the bottom of the menu – set it to Enable to add extra space beneath the header and shift the Stunning header down for the header height.
div#stuning-header .dfd-stuning-header-bg-container {background-image: url(https://rnbtheme.com/documentation/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/hands1.jpg);background-size: cover;background-position: center center;background-attachment: initial;background-repeat: no-repeat;}#stuning-header div.page-title-inner {min-height: 550px;}#main-content .dfd-content-wrap {margin: 0px;} #main-content .dfd-content-wrap > article {padding: 0px;}@media only screen and (min-width: 1101px) {#layout.dfd-portfolio-loop > .row.full-width > .blog-section.no-sidebars,#layout.dfd-gallery-loop > .row.full-width > .blog-section.no-sidebars {padding: 0 0px;}#layout.dfd-portfolio-loop > .row.full-width > .blog-section.no-sidebars > #main-content > .dfd-content-wrap:first-child,#layout.dfd-gallery-loop > .row.full-width > .blog-section.no-sidebars > #main-content > .dfd-content-wrap:first-child {border-top: 0px solid transparent; border-bottom: 0px solid transparent;}#layout.dfd-portfolio-loop > .row.full-width #right-sidebar,#layout.dfd-gallery-loop > .row.full-width #right-sidebar {padding-top: 0px;padding-bottom: 0px;}#layout.dfd-portfolio-loop > .row.full-width > .blog-section.no-sidebars .sort-panel,#layout.dfd-gallery-loop > .row.full-width > .blog-section.no-sidebars .sort-panel {margin-left: -0px;margin-right: -0px;}}#layout .dfd-content-wrap.layout-side-image,#layout > .row.full-width .dfd-content-wrap.layout-side-image {margin-left: 0;margin-right: 0;}